When does the steps of web development is to be taken ?

Is to look at the ordinary Internet users in the end how many people know this stuff !! In the face of questions, I deliberately tried to add such a topic. But, but I see a competitor of the company, blog constantly updated, constantly being included, when clicked, I am very scared, very scared.. For myself, the status of the blog has not yet serious enough to affect the point of my normal work and life.

Part of the blog for them, it has become its work, the company or even working life it! Because, for some people, or part of the company, the blog is the right to speak, blog is public, but by no means a simple Web log or communication platform. But for Keso, for Muzi Mei, Xu blog for; Or Google, Zunch even as new competitive company like this problem will certainly be significan. In short, since I think the PR value does not make sense, the group has not dated a lot of attention to the PR value !!!

For example, switched connection, see PR value, it is better to see the content of other sites, Responsive Web Design the number of connections and search engine updates on page timeliness. If you want to engage in SEO, especially keen to ranking comrades, PR value or forget it! In short, I think this stone, PR value up to now but we play it, more entertaining Bale. Said missing, I think, PR role in SEO in value, like Alexa data, the website ranking with no necessary relationship!

PR value and changing every day, the data can not be found in the recent situation on behalf of the site! PR value simply reflects the structure of the internal and external situation of the site only! You can even say, PR value especially with the website ranking Google ranking simply no necessary connection. Especially for business, if a competitor to stop the use of blog marketing, he is not afraid of it